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It lasts 1 minute and will show you the initial steps to begin the Program and you will LOG IN.

2 )   When the TUTORIAL VIDEO has finished the Login page will appear. There you can enter your Username and Password to access the Program.

3 )   Before watching the TUTORIAL we suggest that you read the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Facultative) alongside.

4 )   After your initial LOGIN, you can save the address for easier access in the future.

NOTE :   The TUTORIAL is not in HD (High Definition) so that it can also be viewed with slower network connections.


- When you log in for the first time, you’ll be asked to confirm your personal data.

- You can interrupt the program at any time and resume it by logging in with the same credentials.

The training program includes 3 consecutive steps:
• Assessment : initial test
• Course: with 14 video-lessons
• Final Test : learning evaluation test

You can also download and print the following files (pdf):

• THE 10 GOLDEN RULES (the rules that you should never forget)
• COURSE ABSTRACT (if applicable)

For further details, please send us an email

It takes about 2 and a half hours / 3 hours to complete the entire program.

The initial Assessment includes 20 questions regarding your current driving skills. The answers are hidden and you will only see your final average score.

Once you have completed the Assessment you will go directly to the Course.

The Course sequence is very intuitive.

When each step has been completed correctly, the NEXT button will appear (lower right) and it will be possible to continue.

Courses are delivered in 3 Definitions (LD = Low, MD = Medium and HD = High) and our software assigns the most suitable version to the user's network.



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- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
- Microsoft Edge
- Firefox 30.0 or higher
- Chrome 30.0 or higher
- Monitor resolution: 1280 X 960 or higher
- Other: Javascript, active cookies


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The following is required to correctly run the courses:

- a 1 GHz or faster 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor
- a graphics card with at least 1280 X 756 resolution (if lower you may need to scroll down to see the entire page)
- Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge 11.
- Depending on the resolution, you may need additional memory or an advanced graphics card to reproduce the videos.

- SOperating system iOS 8 or higher (Apple products)
- Operating system Kitkat 4.4 or higher (Android products)
- We recommend that you use Wi-Fi networks


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Our software checks the speed of your internet connection and displays the videos at the resolution best suited for your connection:

- HIGH           1280 X 720    (75 Mb video)
- MEDIUM   1024 X 576    (25 Mb video)
- LOW                720 X 406    (10 Mb video)