Other products that you can purchase

We have been collaborating for many years with various companies which, like us, are involved in road safety.
A brief description of their products is given in the "showcase" below. You can go to the site that interests you by clicking on the relative logo.



The DRIVING CAMP is a leading driving school that combines safety and emotions. It’s the right answer for people who want to learn how to have complete control over the vehicles they drive, in any situation and under any type of environmental conditions. Through ACTIVE DRIVING your skills at the wheel will experience a great boost.


The Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST) is an independent UK-registered charity whose mission is to save lives and prevent injuries by making road transport safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations. EASST Academy Online Course for Managers’ aims to help fleet managers set up, run and monitor effective safety systems.


Mak, taking for granted the exceptional quality of its products, has invested massively in styling. It proposes sporty, aggressive, classic and futuristic wheel styles, with new solutions that are often far from conventional standards and are able to comply with the taste of very different countries.


For more than a century, Yokohama has been a world leader in the development of outstanding tire designs and technology, giving drivers better control on the road. Tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, motorsport vehicles, trucks. Driven by the needs of people, Yokohama responds with environmentally-compatible solutions engineered to outperform, whatever the performance need.


It’s a UK distributor for the FleetSafer® Distracted Driving Solutions by Cogosense, a software solution for smartphones and tablets that automatically detects driving status and enforces compliance with corporate safe driving policies. FleetSafer® promotes the safe, legal and responsible use of mobile device while employees are driving on the job.


DriveSmart is an App that values good drivers with Challenges and Rewards. Members of the :DriveSmart Community commit to doing positive driving based on the following principles: Safe driving, Social driving and Sustainable driving.


L’Agenzia Reale Mutua Assicurazioni è presente sul territorio in campo assicurativo, finanziario e previdenziale da oltre 50 anni. Il forte orientamento alla ricerca di soluzioni efficaci e creative, che vadano al di là delle mere condizioni di polizza, la rende quotidianamente vicini ai Soci Assicurati in occasione di ogni imprevisto.


Associato alla didattica e ad esercizi pratici specifici, il simulatore di guida rappresenta oggi lo strumento ideale per la formazione dei conducenti. I simulatori riproducono le situazioni reali nel traffico e propongono anche situazioni con incidenti, per allenare i riflessi e capire come anticipare le situazioni a rischio.